Tara Gronhovd: How to build a foundation with love and faith

Typically, we talk about business topics here on White Gloves Off - but this week there's a twist. In a business setting we don't always talk about our personal relationships, even though they have such a large impact in our lives (professionally, too!). This week we are mixing things up by bringing together relationships, business, and faith. Listen as Tara Grohhovd shares how she tackled her "rock bottom" by dabbling with online dating and welcoming faith with open arms. 

tara_400x400.jpgWhen I asked Tara what piece of advice she would give her 22-year-old self her response was, "think about building a foundation first, before worrying about who is standing by your side." I knew right then and there I wanted to learn more about her personal experience with dating and how she created the strong and successful woman she is today. Women and leadership, two things that make me tick.

As a successful single mom, Tara still longed for one thing...love. Previous mistakes and poor choices in the men she chose to date led her to a life and version of herself that she didn't enjoy. Little did she know that the love and relationship she was missing was one with God. Listen and find out how she became the person she's always wanted to be, how she found the love of her life, and how you can do the same! 

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