Soft Skills are the Hardest Hitting: Wendy Lang & Wendy Hulsebus

I like trying new things. Sometimes, I have to push myself to get out there, to take on a challenge or two, but that happens. In 2017, I'm already doing something new by hosting a White Gloves Off podcast featuring two guests. It was my absolute pleasure to speak with Team Wendy - Wendy Lang and Wendy Hulsebus on how to be a real (and effective!) leader in a management position ... or in any area of life that calls for leadership and positive direction. 


The Tale of Two Wendys

Wendy Hulsebus is the CFO of Cherrywood Advanced Living - a senior assisted living and skilled nursing organization with four communities in Central Minnesota. Her background is rich in real estate, housing, and nonprofit philanthropic work. Wendy Lang is the marketing director at Cherrywood. Her background is also rich in real estate, housing, and nonprofit philanthropic work. True story! Wendy Hulsebus majored in Economics and earned her MBA. Wendy Lang studied Psychology and Behavioral Analysis, so there are some differences between the two ladies. Though already co-workers, both Wendys felt drawn to collaborate on a larger, more unified project and are the co-owners of Mission Consulting in Sauk Rapids. Mission Consulting offers soft management skills training for individuals and corporate offices targeted toward teaching skills people use in everyday life at home, work, and social settings. 


What Are Soft Management Skills?

Soft Skills are the Hardest Hitting: Wendy Lang & Wendy Hulsebus

Think of soft skills as etiquette - like communication skills, teamwork and collaboration, adaptability, problem-solving, and even body language. Soft skills are the personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with others in order to increase retention, improve communication, empower employees, and establish credibility. For both Wendys, defining, assessing, and practicing soft skills are what make managers and leaders great at what they do. So, these two women, both busy in their careers and fulfilled by volunteer and charity work, formed a company with the goal of giving people a resource to be better, more capable leaders. Wendy Hulsebus put it best, "we started to look for a company or organization that did what we were doing. We couldn't find one, so we made one."

That in and of itself is so impressive. But that's not all I gleaned from my recording session with Ms. Lang and Ms. Hulsebus. Mission Consulting operates on three basic principles - know, relate, and trust. Tune in for the first White Gloves Off podcast of 2017 to see why those three little words are so powerful. 

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