Rebekah Iliff: Why it’s Perfectly Okay to Do What You Want

Ballerina? Yes.

Bouncer at a Club? Yes.

Tech Start-Up Founder? Yes.

Huffington Post Blogger? Yes.

Chief Strategy Officer at PR Firm? Yes.


You can do what you want, and you should do what you want. Being a woman has nothing to do with it. For Rebekah Iliff, she’s done everything on that list – and she did it all because she wanted to. As she shares her story and her varied background, a common theme emerges … work ethic. Rebekah loves to work, and has always been unapologetic about being in love with that aspect of her life.

During our podcast, Rebekah boldly stated, “I like to do stuff that is fun, that I like. When it stops being fun and when it stops feeling “easy” – meaning, the work can’t be a struggle. The people you work with can’t be a struggle. I like to work. I like to produce. I like to see things grow and build. If that is how you are built – I am – then you have to make sure you’re doing the things you really intrinsically love. Surround yourself with people you believe in and trust.” And the more I think about it, the more I don’t think that’s bold at all. It’s just Rebekah’s truth. I admire that so much.

From a childhood in Kansas, to training as a professional ballerina, to being the CEO of a tech-focused marketing firm, Rebekah has said yes to some pretty amazing challenges. She currently is the Chief Strategy Officer at AirPR in San Francisco, and writes for Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, Mashable, Forbes, Hearst, and the Huffington Post on marketing and PR trends, leadership, technology, and yes, the evolution of females in the workplace.

Women are capable of leading, influencing, and inspiring. Yet, all of those things can happen without the disclaimer of being female. Rebekah gently reminds you that inequality in the workplace and world is simply popular narrative, and has a seemingly strong foothold in culture – only because people choose to validate it as such. Listen to the full podcast – you will be so inspired by this woman!

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