Mariah Prussia: More Than Just the Cage

Society often focuses on appearance, and what's on the outside of people and things. It's the shiny packaging, the well-put-together presentation, and the cover that often entices people to want to engage and learn more. Mariah Prussia is no stranger to being judged by her looks and appearance. She is, after all, a freaking MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter and competitive athlete. She's also no stranger to struggle or heartache. 

Strong Like Bull 

Mariah Prussia: More Than Just the CageMariah grew up on a farm. She began handling farmyard and household chores at age five when her mom was severely injured in a car accident. Work ethic developed at that age undoubtedly carried Mariah to where she is today - Coordinator of Fitness Programs at MSUM, professional MMA fighter, corporate wellness coach, owner of MPX training facility, public speaker, founder and president of The Now Project ... and a single mom to two boys. Maybe work ethic isn't even the right word for it.

I'm going to be honest when I say I was very, very inspired when I sat down with Mariah to record the White Gloves Off podcast with her. It was as though the tables turned and she gave me a professional life coach session. Suddenly, that inspiration turned into motivation when I found myself dreaming bigger dreams and wanting to conquer the world ala-Mariah-style. She just has that effect on people. And, she's a very normal, approachable human being. It's about what's on the inside after all. A key reminder for so many of us.


Following the Light

The first thing I asked Mariah after she introduced herself and ran through her bio was how do you manage everythingAnd, do you sleep? She answered effortlessly with, "I love everything that I do." I let that sink in for a moment. At the root of everything, and at the very core, is LOVE. Take note, ladies! Mariah went on in her podcast to talk about heartache, loss, self-doubt, and an unwavering pursuit of her goals - no matter how painful physically or emotionally. You don't want to miss the opportunity to hear Mariah Prussia - fierce female and professional ass-kicker - tell you that you might be standing in your own way.

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