Maria Surma Manka: Managing Your Worries

Do you know what your top three worries are? Maybe it's money, work, or feeling paralyzed by the thought of trying something new? No matter what your worries or stresses are, Maria Surma Manka is your go-to girl for tips on how to manage them. She has become a happy and carefree woman by listening to her body, recognizing worry symptoms, and figuring out how to get to the root of her worries and concerns. Listen to find out ways for you to do the same! 

When you look at Maria's accomplishments, Maria_400x400.jpgshe definitely has one full plate. From founding and leading  a strategic communications firm, to serving on St. John's Outdoor University advisory council and appearing in an Oscar-winning film - she is one ambitious woman.

Maria, like many of you, wants to get the most out of life, which can sometimes result in stress and worry. Even though there isn't a one-fits-all method to managing worries - Maria mentions a few ways you can start taking action in your life to calm your worries. 

If you listen and want to learn more about how you can manage your worries, I encourage you to sign up for Maria's breakout session at the Women of Influence Summit. 

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