Lorraine Sanders: An Acronym & Thought Leadership

Do you ever wonder where your shirt or scarf came from? Do you think about the global footprint the brand has? Do you wonder if women are part of its movement and cause - or if the brand even has one?

If you’re like most people, probably not. You’re wearing the clothing because it fits great, looks great, and makes you feel great. If you’re like Lorraine Sanders, you thought about your shirt or scarf’s origin story, footprint, and its actual global citizenship.

Yes, really.

An Acronym Combining Women’s Favorite Things


Lorraine Sanders became a journalist the untraditional way - by having a "strange and almost compulsive desire to tell other people about things" she found interesting or important. If you would've asked her as a college student majoring in English and Religious Studies at Brown, Lorraine would've told you journalists were pushy door-knockers, people nosy enough to get themselves killed. Journalism, for Lorraine, sounded like a terrible career. 

I love stories with unlikely journeys. I recently invited Lorraine to join me on White Gloves Off after we connected with intention when I asked for her honest feedback on the Next Monday podcast. She's a boss and bit of a media mogul - she's the host and founder of the Spirit of 608 podcast, a media strategist, writer, and yes, Lorraine is a journalist. She focuses on women building businesses at the intersection of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and tech - a space she's coined FEST. That sounds like a party many women would love to join.

How To: Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is really the guts of the podcast Lorraine and I recorded together, and what I really wanted her to expound on. I wanted Lorraine to share her story and simply, how she started because that's where I think so many of us get tripped up when we're on the cusp of something great. What are the steps? What are the missteps? Do thought leaders get a fast pass to the summit of greatness if they write books? Lorraine will tell you no - not necessarily. For her, it's about finding that something strange and compulsive that becomes a passion, to get involved with people who want to collaborate or partner with you, and to have a consistent mindset of getting your mission out there.

Lorraine Sanders has written and spoken for Women's Wear Daily, Fast Company, NPR, USA Today, the San Francisco Chronicle, Forbes.com, HarpersBazaar.com, and now, for all of us here at Next Monday and White Gloves Off. What an honor and inspirational kick in the butt. 

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