Jackie Johnson: On a Servant's Heart

Those blessed with a servant's heart know that the calling starts long before it's even recognized, or given a name.

For Jackie Johnson, her servant's heart started from life's very early beginning. Being the youngest and twelfth (twelfth!) child born into a hard-working farm family in central Minnesota, Jackie learned to navigate life's most precious relationships while developing a sense of collaboration and unending support. Even from her very first job as a young nursing assistant to her executive role as Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central MN, Jackie has sought out opportunities to make a difference in the lives of those she serves while remaining true to herself.

Jackie_johnson_400x400.jpgAnd it's not always easy being a selfless, tender-hearted individual in a world that's often demanding, challenging, and just plain hard. Jackie will share her story of being raised in a big family, handling heartache, and being led down the path to non-profits and taking the helm of some difficult positions.

Mentoring has always been central to Jackie's career goals and personal fulfillment, and she'll tell the ways she let that influence in without letting it bog her down, or overwhelming her with its sheer magnitude.

"Making a difference in someone's life is always possible. Knowing someone else cares and is invested in you is something kids need. It doesn't necessarily always come from expected places either, like a parent, or both parents." - Jackie Johnson

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