Chance Haakonson: Supporting Success in the Workplace

How do employees become leaders? Some are purposeful in moving up the ladder and sharpening their skills. Others evolve into leadership roles, coming to realize that’s who they are and who they’re meant to be. This week’s guest is the latter. We’re flipping the script and bringing a male perspective to the podcast. Chance Haakonson shares his insights on women working in auto sales, making family-first career decisions, and what work/life balance looks like in today’s world.

Chance-Haakonson_400x400.jpgAs General Manager and part owner of Miller Auto & Marine, Chance Haakonson might seem like the least likely guest for our podcast. That perception, however, only adds to the many reasons why he is, in fact, an ideal guest. Miller Auto & Marine is a presenting partner for our upcoming Women of Influence Summit, furthering their dedication to community involvement and their vested interest in women as consumers and employees.

While women are stereotypically portrayed as uninterested or uninvolved when it comes to the automotive industry, women are more often than not the final decision makers on vehicle purchases. We have the behind-the-scenes perspective on how men and women approach auto dealerships differently.

This dedicated husband and father shares his experiences building a value-based organization and creating a work environment where happiness remains at the forefront. So sit back and enjoy the ride as Chance Haakonson gives the male perspective on supporting women and their success in the workplace.


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