Casey Gordon: What Gender Role Responsibility?

So often, we as humans and adults place restrictions and parameters on who we are as well as who we are not. Gender role responsibility and inequality have long been an issue affecting our lives, both personally and professionally. Women in particular are prone to falling prey to limiting their desires, goals, abilities, or worth simply because society might portray it as a standard. And, the topic is still very much prevalent in 2016.

Casey_Gordon_400x400.jpgFor women like Casey Gordon, she's no stranger to the topic of gender role responsibility. As a young, successful, and female CIO who holds a PhD in Educational Administration, she's seen looks of surprise cross faces of people when she walks into meetings when she introduces herself. Oh, Casey is a SHE!

I sat down with Casey to feature her in our latest podcast for White Gloves Off. She shared with me how she learned the value of hard work and ethics alongside her plumber-by-profession dad, and what it's like as a mother of two boys to be asked if she's "trying for a girl."

Casey is the CIO at the College of St. Ben's and St. John's University, and shared with me how she fell in love with computers and all things technology, and what it took to consciously never limit her ambition or goals based on her gender or experience. One big takeaway for me was her insight on how to learn from people you lead. "People value integrity, but follow clarity," Casey said during our session. I love that statement, and encourage you to listen to her say it in its powerful context in her full recording, below.

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