Annie Deckert: The Lost Art of Asking Questions

Have you stopped asking questions and having real conversations with people? Mass communications student turned co-founder of Decklan Group, Annie Deckert shares with us why people don't form connections like they used to and how you can be the change agent.

annie_d_400x400.jpgHer love for economic development and experience working in government jobs led her to start her own consulting firm. Now, Annie helps bridge the gap between business and government communication. This experience has shown her just how important the art of asking questions is in curating meaningful and successful relationships.  

Although Annie works to help communities and businesses prosper, you might just be surprised at how her insights can help you grow and prosper too. In this week's White Gloves Off podcast, learn how to nurture your relationships by: 

  • Engaging in real and meaningful conversations
  • Ending the glorification of being busy 
  • Becoming less wrapped up in your own life

We have a CHALLENGE for all our White Gloves Off listeners! Pick one day…a WHOLE DAY…that you will commit to not talking about yourself at all. You can only ask questions of others when you are in conversations. You must focus on them and what they are talking about. Keep an eye out on our social media pages for more challenge information. Think you can do it?

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