What is a Peer Group?

There's rarely a hard line between our professional and personal worlds; they intertwine. One can sway the success of the other. Participation in a peer group faces these realities head on. We roll up our sleeves and tackle the challenges. Together. And in doing so, we unfold the beautiful, messiness of who you already are. There you are in all your glory.

Your fellow peer group members will be a positive influence. They will encourage, give strategic advice, and emotional support. These ladies take peer pressure and flip it on its head. One of the foundation pieces to developing leadership skills is doing things differently and intentionally.


A Fresh Perspective on Personal Development

What is a peer group?-1.pngYou will be supported, but not carried. What does that mean? Pushing past your comfort zone and embarking on fierce conversations. We get real, honest, and peel back the layers of what’s holding you back. When you’re able to do this in an environment where you feel safe, trusted, and supported, it’s where growth lies. In the process, you build an authentic connection with your group members and create success.

Personal development doesn’t fit in a box. It’s not limited to a book, podcast, or “thing”. But as women, we often discount and discredit the importance of this lifelong process as another task on our never-ending to-do list.  Working on you is a full-time job. Enabling personal development leads to confidence, fulfillment, potential, and countless other positive things that improve your quality of life. Ladies, I’m giving you permission to grow.


The Benefits of a Peer Group

When you join a peer group, you begin a journey. You won’t be alone. You’ll be among women with unique talents and perspectives, who crave authentic connections and favorable outcomes in all areas of life.

Here are the top seven outcomes from participation in one of our peer groups (EPG focused):

  1. Increased confidence
  2. Confidential sounding board
  3. Increased knowledge and perspective in dealing with challenges and issues
  4. One-on-one executive coaching that promotes professional and personal growth
  5. Increased awareness of your business in the community with prominent executive women
  6. Networking with business leaders in the community
  7. Referrals

Pretty awesome, right? I’ve facilitated and participated in these groups myself and I can’t even begin to describe the magic that unfolds in these sessions. It’s sincere and genuine, and so incredibly magnificent. It elevates you from being ordinary to extraordinary. There’s no timeline, definition, or limitation to your greatness. And that, my friends, is what is in store for you.

Sometimes it's hard to recieve honest feedback. It's not necessairly what you want to hear when you are in the middle of a struggle, but being in a EPG gives you a place to be real, raw, and emotional. You don't have to worry about saying the wrong thing or wonder if you'll be thought "less of". When you get to know the women in your peer group at such a deep level, they know your heart and understand when you need to work through your emotions to get to the other side where clarity lives. These ladies will push you when you're holding yourself back, and they will help rein you in when you are going too far. That's where the magic happens.

I'll leave you with this quote from one of our participants.

“I was frankly a little skeptical about whether I could fully participate. But I decided to give it a try … and I can say now, after two years, that the women of the group honestly changed my business and my life. They helped me pinpoint my strengths, gave me the confidence to take some risks, and as a result I’ve grown my business, I have more time for my family, and I have a network of supportive women from diverse backgrounds. EPG directly impacted my personal life and my bottom line for the better.” – Maria Surma Manka, Public Relations Strategist

Seeking Accountability & Connection? Join a Peer Group