Using Resistance in Leadership & Development Training

At some point in your career, you will be faced with the challenge of overcoming resistance. It’s that moment when there are a hundred things going on and you need more than 24 hours in a day to finish them all. It becomes harder to stay focused and the urge to quit grows stronger. It can throw you off-track at any moment.

I recorded this video in one of my private coaching groups. It's the real, raw version of me at 6am pouring into a group of like-minded, driven, dedicated individuals. We're in the midst of a 90-day plan to grow and develop a business. For some it's a side hustle built in the pockets of the day, and for others it's is a full-time gig. The commitment is the real deal. This clip is a candid version of a motivation call I host each week.

As a leader, resistance is inevitable but how you deal with it matters most. Below are four key strategies for using resistance as fuel towards developing successful habits and reaching your full potential. 


1. Consistency Will Pay Off

Using Resistance in Leadership & Development TrainingEver hear the phrase, consistency is key? Consistency is fundamental to success, but that success takes time. In your career, you don’t expect to enter a new job and become an executive in just a few short months. It takes dedication and constant effort. You set realistic expectations and steadily work your way towards them. It may take awhile, but with consistency, your actions will pay off. Remember, no way is a wrong way to approach your goals as long as you are consistent.


2. Keep Having Successful Days

Find the gratitude and good in each day. Everyone encounters setbacks or bad days, but don’t allow yourself to dwell on them. Let your successful days outshine the difficult ones by celebrating little accomplishments. For example, if you had a healthy breakfast but didn’t have time to work out, acknowledge your choice to have a nutritious meal instead of criticizing yourself for not exercising. Your positive attitude and mindset will become contagious and you’ll begin to attract like-minded individuals who will help those bad days slowly disappear.


3. Make Consistency a Habit

You’ve managed to create a lot of good habits throughout your life. Now it’s time to master consistency like you’ve mastered habits. Ask yourself what you want to master, what do you need to make consistent? 


4. Persistence Requires Discipline

Let’s face it, we all could use a bit more discipline in our lives. We discipline our children, we are disciplined in our work, so why can’t we use discipline when trying to develop ourselves as leaders? Leadership and development training takes discipline form all angles, personal and professional. When resistances appear in life, it’s important to persist through them. To do so, you must have discipline. It’s the truest test of consistency when obstacles arise. Having the discipline to persist is what will make you successful.


Inviting resistance into your life and changing the way you approach obstacles can drastically influence your attitude and success. Be mindful of your habits, be consistent in your intentions, and persist through resistance and you'll be reaching your goals in no time. 

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