The Relationship Curve: How To Start Fresh and Build Trust

Starting a new position, whether in the same company or a completely different one, has its newbie challenges. There's the moving of offices (sometimes), the ordering of new business card, and the whole learning curve thing. One aspect that often gets overlooked throughout the entire process is getting to know new contacts as you transition.


Starting Fresh

I found myself in that camp when I joined Next Monday last summer. I was sending out cards, emails, Facebook & LinkedIn messages, and other means of communication and just not getting the quick responses I was used to in my previous position. I was in that role for eight years, and had established great relationships with my key contacts. I would get immediate responses to my inquiries. I could make things happen RIGHT NOW. I was the person people came to when they needed an answer or needed to find a solution quickly. There was just that general rapport I had with those individuals that I didn’t seem to have now. Was I losing my touch? Why did it seem so difficult to find my communication groove?

I took a step back to think about it. What was it like when I started in the previous job all those years ago? I remembered feeling like it took me a solid year to get my name out there and have name association with what I did and what the purpose of my inquiries were. It takes time!

It's so easy to look back and only remember the high intensity meetings and events that required quick responses and action. Another realization I had was, I had established face-to-face connections with those people so when I had questions, they knew who the person on the other end of the email was.


How to Build New Relationships

Kelly-on-Building-New-RelationshipsSo how do I establish those relationships in a new industry and in a new position? I need to get out there and meet with people to see if I can help them solve any of their own challenges. If I make myself a resource for others, they will view my knowledge and connections as an asset and they will be more inclined to respond when I reach out to them.

A new job has some challenges. The learning curve, new co-workers, new customers ... new everything! More than all the newness, you have to remember it’s more about building and fostering those new relationships.

It should really be called the relationship curve because after all, as the old saying goes, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

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