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What is a Peer Group?

Posted by: Next Monday on Mar 15, 2017

There's rarely a hard line between our professional and personal worlds; they intertwine. One can sway the success of the other. Participation in a peer group faces these realities head on. We roll up our sleeves and tackle the challenges. Together. And in doing so, we unfold the beautiful, messiness of who you already are. There you are in all your glory.

Leadership What? How to Develop the Skills You Already Have

Posted by: Michelle Pape on Feb 21, 2017

You didn’t get where you are today by not possessing some pretty great skills. All too often I meet with women who don’t know where to start when it comes to leadership training or coaching – and I tell them simply, start with what you have. Being a better leader means capitalizing on the skills and attributes you have, and defining the areas that need support or encouragement. Here’s how to choose your focus, appreciate who you already are, and how to lean in for support.

Do’s & Don’ts of Personal & Professional Development Training

Posted by: Next Monday on Feb 9, 2017

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to personal and professional development. The good news is, more than ever, there are plenty of opportunities for women seeking growth. The bad news is, many women are either inundated by the number of options or choose the wrong ones. How do you know where to go for inspiration, encouragement, challenge, and growth? Here’s some insight. 

Seeking Accountability & Connection? Join a Peer Group

Emily Bertram Shares Her 2016 Women of Influence Summit Experience

Posted by: Next Monday on Oct 20, 2016

Our friend Emily Bertram is back this month to give a recap of her attendance of the Women of Influence Summit. She elaborates on her six key takeaways, what resonated, and ways she's applying what she learned. I hope you enjoy her insight as much as I did. - Next Monday

Boss or Leader - Which One Are You?

Posted by: Michelle Pape on Aug 24, 2016

Sure, you might be quick to answer that question. But, I'd like to challenge you to really look within yourself to find the true answer. Sometimes, what we think we are is actually what we are not. There are distinct qualities and characteristics that separate a boss from a leader. Do you know what they are?

A Resource for Working Moms

Posted by: Michelle Pape on Aug 19, 2016

You, yes YOU. The woman who gracefully wears many hats. One minute you're on a conference call at the office, the next you're kissing a boo-boo, or managing the many facets of your family activity calendar. As a working mom, your "work" starts from the moment your feet hit the floor until they are lifted back up into your resting place to catch some much needed rest and recharging at the end of your ... never ending day!

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Emily Bertram Shares 5 Reasons to Attend the 2016 Women of Influence Summit

Posted by: Next Monday on Aug 9, 2016

We're excited to share with you the following article from our friend Emily Bertram, Social Media and Marketing Specialist at the St. Cloud Area Concention & Visitors Bureau. In her article, she lists her top five reasons to attend the 2016 Women of Influence Summit. Enjoy!  (And we hope to see you at the event!) - Next Monday

Why YOU Should Attend the Women of Influence Summit

Posted by: Michelle Pape on Jun 6, 2016

Thriving and vibrant communities depend on the contributions of women who are launched into their greatness. Women are relational. In order for us to really grow and gain confidence, we need to feel like we have found our tribe. The support we need comes from having women around us that really know us and accept us for who we are. We need to feel heard and feel understood.  Women tend to be their own worst critics. We let the voices of doubt in our minds scream way too LOUD. When we have confidants we trust, we are okay with being vulnerable and letting go of those negative thoughts.

Life Coaching. Really?

Posted by: Michelle Pape on Apr 27, 2016

It was twelve years ago and I had never heard of Life Coaching. A past co-worker, Sara Danforth (now the New Product Development Manager at GNP) and I were brainstorming about my future and a new career over lunch at Granite City Food & Brewery. She suggested I think about becoming a Life Coach.

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Lessons on Leadership: Know Yourself & Be Authentic

Posted by: Next Monday on Mar 29, 2016

Sarcastic and energetic, Kathy Wulf-Tayes stepped onto the Ladies 2.0 stage with six important lessons on leadership to share. With 20+ years of account management, leadership, and team development under her belt, Kathy has experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly. Lucky for us, she openly shared her failures and successes, leaving us with some actionable tips to apply to our own leadership roles.