Meet Your Coach: Michelle Pape

Relationships are crucial no matter the context. From who you buy cars from to who you trust with your healthcare and even who grooms your dogs. People matter and are the hallmark of any interpersonal relationship. I thought about the message I share with my network about who I am and realized the great opportunity I have to share that message here. I hope it helps you see me as who I am and how I can serve you.

What Do You Do? 

Meet Your Coach: Michelle Pape

I've worked as a coach in Central Minnesota for 14 years, and am grateful for the acceptance I have found in this community. That doesn't mean I don't field the occasional What do you do?-type questions when I meet new people. I've crafted my response to be what it is now after thinking hard about how to present it. I work to help create a world without regret because I don't like people or organizations to have them. In the context of that response more specifically, I work to grow women. Grow women? Yes. I help women build confidence, let go of perfection, and learn how to ask for help. That's the trifecta so to speak. 

Next Monday is a group that offers coaching, peer groups, and events. Another question I get asked almost right off the bat is why am I the expert? The first thing I tell people is that one of my core values is Authentic, which means I actually have more questions than answers ... and I keep moving forward. Call it expertise, call it God-given abilities or giftedness, but I was born to listen and hear people. I was born to be honest, curious, and brave. Does that sound like a canned answer, or still a little fuzzy? What it means is I will really listen to what people are saying, and I can hear it even if they're not really saying it. Then, I try to be brave enough to invite them to look at that or challenge them to hear what I hear.

Personal, Professional, & Everything In Between

I've been in the real world. I have experience leading teams of people and holding titles of an executive in national, multi-million dollar organizations. Part of my expertise is the fact that I've been in positions with a lot of responsibility so I have a natural understanding (and affinity!) for the profession of business. Oh, I love business. I'm a student of it. I study it, I observe it, and I watch it in just about any setting I can. Simply put, I have a lot of passion for that part of our world. People's personal sides always interact with their professional sides. There's no such thing as separation. How a woman engages and considers work affects who she is as a mother. How a woman's marriage and friendships are built affects who she is at work. Coaching focuses on women as a whole, knowing there is no clear distinction between realms. 

About 98 percent (okay, that’s high. It’s probably closer to 80 percent) of my business comes from referrals. And what better conviction than a person telling someone they love and care about Hey. You need to do this. The power of relationships. The kind of trust that’s established makes a great connection for someone new to Next Monday, and myself.

Why You?

Ask yourself, Why not you? At Next Monday, we have two obstacles we continually work to overcome stemming from women's ideation or perception of coaching. The first is the fear or misconception of coaching and the second is the stigma associated with asking for help. Fear and help. Those two words as verbs resonate with women everywhere. It's natural and I understand it completely.

One of the things I've done is set up “office hours” downtown at Peet’s Coffee in Capital One. This format encourages everyone – the curious, the empowered as well as the timid or discouraged. It’s a 30-minute opportunity to have coffee and to meet me. It’s on common ground without any agenda. It’s great for asking questions. A lot of women – myself included – don’t want to inconvenience anyone. The fact that I show up in that café once a month for four hours gives people the opportunity to use that time without the ever-looming fear of inconveniencing someone!


In coaching, I believe everybody has a mighty purpose – I was born with this deep, deep desire – or whatever you want to call it – to work with people to move them toward the mighty purpose of their own, whatever that may be. Sometimes, people know what that is and are afraid of it. And sometimes people don’t have a clue and I figure out how to give them permission to follow their curiosity – or do something the world might consider crazy. They and I know that ultimately, it’s something that has to be done in order for them to live a really full life. And the life they were built to live.

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