Life Coaching. Really?

It was twelve years ago and I had never heard of Life Coaching. A past co-worker, Sara Danforth (now the New Product Development Manager at GNP) and I were brainstorming about my future and a new career over lunch at Granite City Food & Brewery. She suggested I think about becoming a Life Coach.

My life was forever changed that day. A week later I tracked down a Life Coach who was featured in the Life Section of the St. Cloud Times. Coincidence? I think not. One month later we met at Caribou and I hired her that day as my coach and I worked with her consistently over the next three years. (Some people only need/want a month of two of coaching. Everyone is different. Don't judge me!)

Over that three-year period I found myself, gained confidence, I discovered my path, and by the grace of God, Next Monday was born. I became a coach. Coaching is not something I do. Rather, coaching is a part of my DNA.

I work with incredible women who are choosing a life of intention both personally and professionally. I call them "world changers" and "women of influence". They lead at work, in their families, in churches, with friends, and in the communities they call home. It is a privilege to walk with them on their journey, through the seasons of their lives, as they discover their path, passion, purpose or as they follow their curiosities.

Through the power of the space created by coaching, I listen, acknowledge, brainstorm, challenge and hold these women accountable to move forward in their lives. Homework is given. Action is encouraged. Risks are taken. Tears and fears are shed. In the process they BECOME more of who they were meant to be.

I came to coaching feeling broken and unworthy. I left different. Some of my clients are in a similar place. Some are playing at the top of their game and yet seek the benefits of a confidential coaching relationship in order to gain clarity and focus on living lives of great intention.

Are you curious about coaching? I encourage you to connect with a coach. Why wouldn't you? Almost ALL coaches offer a complimentary session and an opportunity to ask questions. I can't wait to hear from you!

In your corner,

Michelle Pape

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