Let Go of the Guilt: Embrace Being a Working Mom

Women can occasionally feel guilty or bad for being away from their kids and families, sometimes missing milestones and big events, all while trying to make the household run smoothly and maintain some sanity. It's no secret that a ton of moms work - that's the norm in this day and age. In 2016 alone, 70.5% of mothers with children under the age of 18 were part of the workforce. Balancing life, including being a mom and having a professional life, can be challenging. Let us help you feel like you’re doing enough, giving enough, and being enough. Here are some tips on letting go of that guilt

Be Honest with Your Boss/Family

At any given moment, there can be 100 different things on your to-do list, and it can be overwhelming to find a decent balance. Being honest that you’re overwhelmed or need a little bit of assistance is never a bad idea and does not make you weak. Having an honest conversation with someone close to you, even Let Go of the Guilt: Embrace Being a Working Momfor the sake of venting, can alleviate stress. These might not be the most fun conversations to have, but they can oftentimes be extremely rewarding. This doesn’t mean you have to divulge every ounce of personal strife, but letting those close to you know you’re feeling stressed allows you to help find relief in the compassion of others. You may be surprised to find how many people are willing to help, even in the smallest of ways, or are struggling with the same emotions. 

Take Time Off When You Need It

Apart from being a mom and a working woman, you’re also you. Taking time to care for yourself is the best way to recharge and be more efficient, both personally and professionally. Stress, frustration, and fatigue are all ways to further exhaust yourself from your daily duties. Draw a bath, read a book, get some exercise, or even meditate; all it takes is a mere 10 minutes to decompress and feel rejuvenated. Trust me, the dishes can wait while you tend to yourself, and they won't feel like such a burden after you've been able to clear your head. You cannot pour from an empty pot. 

Let Go of Perfection

Unfortunately, being a mom doesn’t come with a handbook. This also means that there really is no right way to parent. Instead of focusing on what you might not be excelling at, focus on what you’re doing well and own it. Don’t buy into the “how to be a perfect parent” guides and do things on your own terms. You don't need to be a "Pinterest Mom". Accepting that good enough is indeed good enough will lift a big burden off of your shoulders and allow you to enjoy every part of motherhood, chaos and all. If that means serving cereal for dinner, own it. Your kids will be fed and happy. 


The bottom line: don’t dwell on time spent away from your child, but rather how your role in the company is benefitting your family. Men rarely feel guilty for working full-time and neither should you. Understanding that you’re not alone and remembering other mothers handle similar stressors is a comfort in itself. A perfect work-life balance probably doesn’t exist, but there’s no shame in striving to equalize it as best as you can, both for you and for your family.
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