Ladies: What Peer Groups are NOT

I believe in giving clarity where clarity is due. Oftentimes, people perceive peer groups negatively, and as a valuable option for women looking to grow, that can give leadership groups a bad rap. Today, I have a single goal with this blog post, and that's to clear the air on what Next Monday peer groups are not

What a Peer Groups is NOT with Next Monday 

Let go of any hesitation you have about reaching out and asking for help. You've probably helped countless other women in ways large and small throughout your career. It's okay to ask for the help you need to succeed in your professional development


Peer Groups are NOT:

For Complacency

Without challenge, there is no growth.

Social Hours

You undoubtedly have girlfriends and other acquaintances you meet for coffee and catch up with regularly. Peer groups - while about connection - are not forums for casual conversation or simply talking about the weather. 

Breeding Grounds for Negativity 

There just isn't room for the perpetuation of negative self-talk ... or negative talk about anyone or anything for that matter.

Comfort Zones

Successful women's peer groups have a wide range of voices available, giving you a fresh take on your current business dilemma or offering you advice won through extensive experience in other areas of business.

For Commiserating (Without Action)

Sometimes, women have something they're stuck on that bears repeating in a peer group setting, and that's okay. But expect to be encouraged to take action on what that might be. That's what we're all here for.

About Putting on a "Shiny" Face

Life isn't always roses, and we're empathetic towards that. Women are not encouraged to put on a brave or "shiny" face when they're having a hard day, month, or even year. Peer groups foster that kind of vulnerability. 

For Comparison 

As females, we are the queens of comparison and constantly judge ourselves against other women in all areas of life. Peer groups are not built for that, plain and simple. 


Isn't it time you invested in yourself? It's time to attend a peer group if you've only viewed them inaccurately, as I illustrated above. Our focused approach guides the culture and structure of these peer groups and events, so you never have to worry about putting your needs off, or telling yourself no.

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