How to Turn Guilt into Glory with a Life Coach

Do you feel guilty about considering a life coach? Guilt seeps its way into many areas of the modern woman's life. You're expected to do it all on your own, from advancing in competitive career ladders to raising a family. There are only 24 hours in a day, but somehow you have to fit chores, social plans, work commitments, and family time into the mix. You often find yourself picking up slack in the office, whether you're volunteering time to arrange work parties or covering for your colleagues when they're slacking off. Any time you invest resources in yourself, you consider how they could benefit other people. It's impossible to avoid guilt in today's society as a woman. 


You Don't Have to Do It All Yourself

Turn Guilt to Glory with a Life Coach

Something has to give in this kind of schedule, and it's often the cleaning. If you hire a cleaning lady and then feel guilty because of the state of your home, you might find yourself cleaning up before she gets there. With life coaching, you may back out of hiring a coach and decide to take on your personal and professional development needs alone. 

Ladies, we don't have to do it all without asking for or accepting help. You can use guilt as fuel instead of fear to push past the things that you "think" are in your way. Plenty of women have found themselves in your shoes, and they can help you reach your personal and professional goals. 


Why Peer Groups are the Answer

Peer groups allow you to let go of perfectionism. They help you build relationships with people who are delighted to invest their time and talents with you to help you succeed. Over time, you might find yourself helping someone who is in the position you're in now. 

You get pushed out of your comfort zone and your peers take you to new limits. You already know your true potential, but you just need some help uncovering it. It's hard to get there alone, but a peer group gives you exactly what you need to continue on your growth path. 

You end up building confidence in your abilities and learning how to accept help from others. You can get out of your own way in order to achieve the goals that you may have shelved as impossible. It's all too easy to sell yourself short, especially when you're in a competitive career path that requires you to work twice as hard as your male colleagues, just to get the same recognition. 


Kick Guilt to the Curb

Don't allow guilt to consume you and stop you from using every tool at your disposal. A life coach and peer group are your secret weapons to maximizing your capabilities and accelerating your personal and professional development. Perfectionism and feeling like you have to do everything yourself just leads to guilt when you discover that it's impossible to progress that way. You don't have to regret the choices you've made along the way, and your guilt can serve as a motivating force. 

Are you going to keep tidying up before the cleaning lady gets here, or are you going to let her help you improve your quality of life? It's time to look into a peer group for your personal and professional development. 

Seeking Accountability & Connection? Join a Peer Group