Emily Bertram Shares 5 Reasons to Attend the 2016 Women of Influence Summit

We're excited to share with you the following article from our friend Emily Bertram, Social Media and Marketing Specialist at the St. Cloud Area Concention & Visitors Bureau. In her article, she lists her top five reasons to attend the 2016 Women of Influence Summit. Enjoy!  (And we hope to see you at the event!) - Next Monday

From our friend, Emily:

When was the last time you spent an entire day focusing on the most important thing in your life: YOURSELF? ... Stumped? Probably. Luckily, Next Monday has a solution to fix that!

As women, we have a lot of influence. Women hold over 80% of the buying power in the U.S. and own over 40% of the private businesses in the U.S. To quote one of my favorite movies, My Big Fat Greek Wedding

“The man may be the head of the household, but the woman is the neck, and she can turn the head whichever way she pleases.”

So when Next Monday, a company focused on empowering women through events, trainings, and peer groups, set out to reach women, they knew there was no better topic than that of our influence. Our influence on other people, on the economy, on our surroundings, and most importantly, ourselves.

So if you're not already convinced that you should attend the 2016 Women of Influence Summit, let me give you some more temptation...



1. PrizesIMG_2809.jpg
Okay so let's be honest with ourselves for a second ladies: it feels good to win stuff. Admit it! You love the potential to get prizes. And let me tell you, the giveaways at the Women of Influence Summit will be WELL worth your time. Remember, they have ladies in mind. So be prepared to be wow'd and you just might win!

2. Learn about your own influence.  
Like I said before, you as a woman have a whole lot of influence on your surroundings and on yourself. Attend the summit to learn more about how to harness that influence, whether through learning how to handle stress, how to connect with others in a meaningful way, or when (and how) to say no.

3. Rub elbows with other amazing women
If you're lucky, you might already have some great connections with remarkable, influential women. I know for me, I have a few family members and friends who I am honored to say that I know, and who have already taught me so much about my own influence already. If you attend the summit, you will have the chance to grow your own network of amazing women and make lifelong connections. That alone is priceless!

4. Socialize with like-minded people
As I was chatting with Kelly from Next Monday, she said "Women don't have a golf." At first confused, she explained how many connections she sees (and I now see) that men form on the golf course. Friendships, business deals, and fun all blossom from a game that, unfortunately, women are not often a part of. So think of this summit as the women's equivalent to golf. Get social, connect professionally, and have some dang fun while doing it!

5. Treat yo'selfWomen of Influence Summit
As I asked you in the beginning, when was the last time you really did something for yourself? The Women of Influence Summit gives you the chance to not only have a fun day with other ladies, but to really learn how to treat yourself more in the future as well. You deserve a break sometimes. Everyone gets stressed out sometimes. We all have trouble connecting with others sometimes. The summit is here to tell you that it's okay and to give you tips to help you in the future. We, as women, deserve to take a break here and there, and sometimes we need to be reminded how special we really are.

At the end of the day, you should choose to attend the summit based on your own intentions. There are going to be many amazing speakers and topics. They are relevant, relatable, and really interesting, and I hope you don't miss this opportunity! Really, this is not an event, it's a movement. As Next Monday so eloquently puts it:


"We want to challenge you to take the day's motivation, inspiration, and influence with you when you leave.  Fortify your life.  Make an impact on others.  Live your own influence."


Are you up to the challenge?

The 2016 Women of Influence Summit is taking place at the Gorecki Center at the College of St. Benedict’s in St. Joseph, MN on Thursday, September 22, 2016. General admission tickets are available for purchase.  For more information about the schedule, speakers, topics, and sponsors or to purchase tickets, click here.  

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